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LINEA VIVERE Diamond Edition

MANSORY Bugatti Vivere Diamond Edition by Moti

the last and most exclusive of its kind


When luxury has no limits, MANSORY is in its element. On special customer request and using the highest quality refinements, the premium manufacturer once again transforms a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 into a high speed unique car: A Bugatti is already one of the most exclusive cars money can buy. MANSORY takes this as a base and transforms it with the lavish use of carbon fibre and the finest leather into the "MANSORY Vivere Diamond Edition by Moti".

MANSORY manufactures almost all bodywork components from ultra light, high strength carbon fibre. The hardening process employed, under high pressure and temperature in the autoclave radically improves the material quality. As a special feature, MANSORY uses a carbon fabric called Marble Collage in the "MANSORY Vivere Diamond Edition by Moti". This emphasizes the uniqueness of this one-off with its marble typical gloss effects. 

Compared with the standard Veyron, the "MANSORY Vivere Diamond Edition by Moti" gets an extensive facelift at the front, consisting of modified wings, a shortened bonnet and striking front apron with a carbon fibre lip for extra downforce. The LED daytime running lights integrated in the front end and the new air intakes with eyebrow optics establish special accents. The newly developed side skirts act as a visual and aerodynamic link between both axles. Larger air outlets on the flanks of the vehicle and at the rear provide optimised motor cooling, and together with the new diffuser underline the design of this powerful car.

Other exclusive accents complete the "MANSORY Vivere Diamond Edition by Moti: Starting with the elegant, forged alloy wheels with slim spokes for optimised brake cooling, the arched grill with the stylized "Vivere-V" and the rear view mirror housings made of carbon fibre.

The interior presents itself as inimitably luxurious and yet functional. Also here, MANSORY understands how to combine harmoniously exclusive lifestyle and technology with the flawless demands of this unique product. Traditional craftsmanship, hand selected materials and a confident design come together and create a car interior in a class all of its own. In this regard, the LEDs of the ambient lighting system in the seats, door panels and the instrument panel are especially eye catching. The whole passenger compartment glows in the light of the courtesy lights, setting off beautifully the high quality carbon fibre applications and the skilfully quilted black and white leather.

For extra confidence when steering this unique car, MANSORY provides the driver with a redesigned airbag steering wheel with integrated paddle selectors. However, the new owner must take his own precautions for protecting against theft.

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